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PhD studentship: The application of heuristics evaluation in UX practitioners and future technologies


Location:  UK Other
Closing Date:  Monday 22 April 2024
Reference:  ENG1742

Supervised by Setia Hermawati (Human Factors Research Group, Faculty of Engineering). 

Aim: Investigate and improve the application and adoption of heuristics evaluation in UX practitioners and future technologies.


Usability evaluation is widely accepted as critical to the success of the adoption of a software system. While empirical evaluation is desired as part of usability evaluation, it is often costly and cumbersome to conduct, hence the increasing popularity of analytic evaluations which involve the participation of experts in human factors.  One of the commonly adopted analytic methods is heuristic evaluation. However, the scale of their adoption and usefulness among UX practitioners is not yet established. There are also further questions on its applicability and suitability for future technology, especially AI-based technology. 

Proposed project

The aim of this project is to develop a framework and mechanisms that enable the wide adoption of heuristics evaluation among UX practitioners and its application for future technology, especially AI-based technology. The current use of heuristic evaluation among UX practitioners will be conducted to identify potential barriers and measures to address them. Furthermore, the mechanism to enable its application for future technologies, especially AI-based technology will be investigated and evaluated. Lastly, its potential and applicability to be used in different ways, for instance, in different stages of a system design and by lay users will also be investigated. It is envisaged that the proposed framework and mechanism will improve the applicability of heuristics evaluation method among UX practitioners and researchers. Wider impact is expected through higher future adoption among UX practitioners and researchers.

What we offer:

  • A world-class research environment in the Human Factors Research Group
  • A supportive culture for researchers as signatories of the Researcher Development Concordat (
  • The opportunity to produce high-quality publications
  • Full studentship (tuition fee and stipend) for UK students and partial studentship (tuition fee) for EU/overseas students. Look for funding sources at

What you should have:

  • An enthusiastic graduate with a first-class degree in Human Factors, Human Computer Interactions or a relevant discipline, or with a relevant MSc in Human Factors, Human Computer Interactions.  

This studentship is open until filled. Early application is strongly encouraged.

Note that the funded Ph.D. associated with this role is awarded subject to the student meeting the quality standards set by the Faculty of Engineering.

For any enquiries about the project and the funding, please email Setia Hermawati ( 

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